DEI’s Muffler Shield Kit solves the problem of heat from the silencer being transmitted to a vehicle’s interior and nearby components.

DEI based the technology and materials on its well-proven Floor and Tunnel II heat shield.

The new Muffler (exhaust!) Shield is designed to wrap around just about any sized silencer and comes complete with a set of durable stainless steel positive locking ties for a secure installation.

DEI Muffler Shield is made from 10mm dimpled aluminium with an 1/8in thick needle glass insulator. The material is tough but can easily be trimmed to fit.

DEI Muffler Shield greatly reduces radiant heat coming from the exhaust system thus providing a cooler interior along with protection from damaging heat. DEI Muffler Shield will resist heat up to 700°F (approx. 370°C).

Order as part number 10529 at £71.88 plus shipping and import tax.

NOTE: DEI Muffler Shield is intended for roadcars. For racing or heavy industrial applications, DEI recommends its ‘Form-A-Shield’ instead.

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