Spyshot from the XCS Designs workshop shows progress being made on their new Dieci model.

The thinking behind the name? Dieci is Italian for ’10’. Tetra is ‘4’, as in the number of driven wheels.

This model will only be available in full cage form as XCS wanted to create additional rigidity in the chassis to cope with the extra torque and forces in play. Also, given the frankly ridiculous power and grip available, they felt that an additional layer of passenger safety was no bad thing.

To that end, they’ve built the chassis to exceed current motorsport regulations, despite the fact they’re aiming the car at the fast road and trackday market, rather than the out-and-out motorsport market.

Quote from XCS boss, Harvey Rice: “The concept of the Dieci Tetra was to create the ultimate ‘Lotus Seven’-type roadster. Although 4WD in this kind of chassis has been tried before, we wanted to add a greater degree of suspension sophistication and safety into a much more torsionally rigid platform.

“Although we’re still in the R&D stages, we’re already getting serious enquiries for this car. We’re building the prototype with the superb Honda K20C1 engine as it offers such unstressed power, but as with all our builds, several engine options will be available.

“It’s been an interesting project to make everything fit while keeping the overall dimensions sensible and the weight down, but I think the overall result will be one of the most engaging and exciting cars that we’ve ever designed. With so much grip and over 500bhp per tonne, it’s a genuine hypercar killer.”

Here are the key facts:

K20C1 engine from the FK8 Civic Type R Standard Honda Turbo. 400bhp.

Escort Cosworth gearbox and diffs. LSD front and rear.

CDS Tube chassis with camber compensation front

de Dion rear with Watts linkage. Adjustable roll centre and rear trailing arms

Custom coil-over suspension

Triangulated chassis with integral rollcage

Custom plenum to reverse inlet

Unique GRP Bodywork

Turnkeys from £89,995 with more info from www.xcsdesigns.co.uk ENDS.