Here’s one for our North American readers.

Building steering gear for cars with little under-bonnet space can be an exercise in frustration and much swearing. You’ve got to work around things like firewalls, headers and chassis rails, resulting in weird steering angles with multiple U-joints and support bearings.

A lot of readers doing LS engine swaps in cars with tight firewall clearance know what that’s like.

The Flaming River VDOG steering box eliminates a lot of those hassles. The gear-driven box has 3/4-36 splined output shafts that sit 90 degrees to each other, providing maximum clearance in spaces where more traditional U-joint angles won’t work.

What’s more, the output shaft to your steering box or rack and pinion ride in an articulating ball – you can set the shaft at any angle up to 35° to clear whatever’s in the way.

The Flaming River VDOG steering box can be mounted vertically or horizontally and is set at a 1:1 ratio so it won’t affect your steering ratio. The cast aluminium box is available with a natural, black, or blue powdercoated finish, or you can get fancy and get one in billet aluminium. A Flaming River pillow block mount is highly recommended for use with the VDOG box.