Machine Mart’s range of garage/workshop/shed units come in a variety of sizes to suit your needs, allowing you to protect your pride and joy or create an additional workspace in a tight-fit, well-lit protected environment.

At the smallest end of the range are two fantastic bike sheds. The smallest of those, the CIB635 Bicycle Shed is ideal for protecting your bicycles from the elements. Not only does it work as a bike storage area, but it can also be used on-site, or at events for storage of various equipment. It measures 1.86m in length, 1.58m in height and 0.98m in width.

A slightly larger model in the range, the CIS666 Garden Shed measures 6ft in length by 68ft wide, with a height of 6ft. This model is great to use as a storage area and can house motorcycles, bicycles, garden furniture and equipment as well as potentially being used as a log store.

One of the most popular models is the CIG81015 Garage/Workshop. At 15ft in length, with a width of just under 10ft and a height of around 8ft, this superb unit offers the protection of traditional buildings at the fraction of the price. It is ideal for protecting cars but can just as easily be used as a temporary workspace or large storage on-site for builders.

At the extreme end of the scale is the CIG1650 XX-Large Garage/Workshop with Apex Roof. This giant unit is perfect for anyone needing to store or work on larger vehicles such as Lorries, boats or farming equipment. It can also be used for large-scale industrial storage at factories or various local authorities. The CIG1650 is 40ft long and 16ft wide with a height of 14½ft. A smaller CIG1432 X-Large unit is also available measuring 32ft x14ft x12ft.

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