The royal-warranted car cleaning experts at Autoglym are delighted to announce their success in the prestigious UK Business & Innovation Awards 2023. An independent panel of seasoned professionals with distinguished careers judged Autoglym’s best-selling Polar Series range for pressure washers as the winner in the Best Innovative Product category among business-to-consumer goods.

The annual UK Business & Innovation Awards is designed to recognise and promote innovation – a quality that drives business and society forward. Being judged as a gold winner in any of the award’s categories demonstrates that an organisation is delivering extraordinary levels of innovation in its product offering.

In their deliberations for this category, the judges found compelling evidence that Autoglym’s Polar Series range not only offers exceptional cleaning performance but is one of the most innovative consumer products on the market.

Autoglym Polar Series range innovation in foam

Autoglym’s research analysis suggested that almost three-quarters of its customers were already using a pressure washer to clean their cars, but this machine was only being employed in part of the cleaning process. An opportunity was therefore seen to create a new, pressure washer-based solution.

Autoglym’s Polar Series range was the result of two years of exhaustive research and development, consisting of pre-wash, wash, and sealing stages, all of which are applied using a pressure washer. Other pressure washer detergents in the market were solely aimed at washing the vehicle, with a second, different process required to give a protective finish to the vehicle.

Autoglym’s team of technologists and technical team undertook an exhaustive development and test programme to create the correct coverage and consistency for each product and launch a range worthy of bearing the Autoglym brand. More from