Turtle Wax has added a bunch of new products to its various line-ups for 2023. Four of them are for the Hybrid Solutions range with one for their standard products.

Pure Shine Misting Detailer (infused with Graphene), enhances colour and boosts shine, while it also has great levels of hydrophobic protection (beading in other words) and it also repels dust and crud.

You can use it as a quick detailer or as a topper (in multiple layers) following waxing.

The graphene infusion is patented and creates what Turtle Wax describe as a TIGHTER WEB OF PROTECTION™. The 591ml spray bottle costs £15.

Fabric Surface Cleaner with cationic technology proved very effective at removing a stubborn stain on one of the seats in my VW Golf. The cationic surfactants remove dirt, grease and oils from all fabric surfaces including soft tops, carpets, mats and upholstery.

It also works on green algae, moss, mildew and road grime found on soft-top hoods be they mohair, canvas or synthetic fabric types. A 500ml spray bottle costs £15.

A Sister product to the fabric cleaner is Fabric Protector with Flex-Coat technology. This contains Flex-Coat technology, which incorporates Si02 ingredients to form a stain-repellant hydrophobic barrier that protects fabrics against attack by water and oil-based contaminants so are particularly effective on automotive interiors including upholstery, carpets, mats and door linings.

Turtle Wax claims that the product offers amazing hydrophobic performance on all Soft Top roof materials including mohair, canvas and modern fabrics. A 500ml spray bottle costs £15.

Graphene Acrylic Trim Restorer has a lovely fruity smell and thanks to its graphene and acrylic polymers it helps restore, shine and bring faded dark plastic trim back to a lustrous finish.

It leaves behind effective UV protection against future fading, oxidation and sun damage. The coating won’t wash off and is dry to the touch within minutes of being applied. A 296ml bottle costs £12.

Finally, comes Turtle Wax Spot Clean with triple-action OXI Hyperfoam which cleans, deodorises and refreshes heavily stained carpets and fabrics. The trigger produces a pleasing thick foam (non-aerosol trigger) that allows specific areas to be targeted.

Can be used on pet mess or food and drink spills.

A 500ml spray bottle costs £12.

For more information visit www.turtlewax.co.uk ENDS.