Thinking of going solar for your security lights?

The highly effective Defender Max II Solar Security Light is a simple-to-use, outdoor solar-powered floodlight with a motion sensor function, denying potential intruders the benefit of operating in the shadows. It produces an extremely bright 850-lumens of light from 80 super bright white LEDs. It requires zero mains power, has zero running costs and does not require installation by an electrician.

This exceptionally durable light is made with robust casting aluminium and is fully IP44 waterproof rated, ensuring it’s resilient and reliable through any weather.

The Defender Max II Solar Security Light includes a solar panel with 4.7 metres of cable to attach to the lighting unit, allowing for easy installation. With three adjustable settings for the duration of illumination, ambient light sensitivity and motion sensitivity, its functionality can be adapted to meet your specific requirements. Maximise power by setting to motion detect, with up to 12 metres of activation range.

Suitable for garages, workshops, driveways, garden paths, back gardens and porches, this excellent solar security light is priced at £29.95 and is available from

In situations where extra bright, dazzling light is required, upgrade to the Defender Max Ultra Solar Security Light. This astoundingly bright light outputs 1200 lumens from 150 super bright white LEDs. The Max Ultra has all the functionality and adjustability of the Defender Max II, plus adjustable light heads to allow for the illumination of a wider area. This light is considered more suitable for industrial and commercial locations and is priced at £39.95.

Both the Defender Max II Solar Security Light (£29.95) and the Defender Max Ultra Solar Security Light (£39.95) are available from