Design Engineering Inc. now offers three different types of exhaust and pipe wraps; each has been designed to contain the heat inside the exhaust headers thereby increasing the gas velocity through the exhaust system.

Wrapping headers helps reduce under-bonnet temperatures thus protecting components at the same time as increasing performance. These pliable and durable wraps are easily installed and provide an extra layer of defence against high operating temperatures, resulting in a cooler air charge for improved performance.

The wraps come in rolls to enable them to be wrapped tightly around the pipes. They are available in a variety of sizes and protection levels. The range includes three distinct wrap categories:

Glass Fibre Exhaust Wrap – Exhaust Wrap is an important first step in reducing unwanted, power-robbing heat. They are offered in various-sized rolls for shorter pipes, headers, turbo downpipes and powersports exhausts. The wrap withstands 650°C) direct and 1093°C radiant heat and is available in both black and tan. Prices start at £10 plus shipping and import tax.

TITANIUM Exhaust Wrap – Featuring Lava-Rock Technology™

This is made from pulverised lava rock, stranded into a fibre material and then woven into a proprietary weave. It is extremely pliable for a tight and secure wrap and has been engineered to be stronger and more durable than most other wraps on the market. It can withstand heat up to 982°C direct/1371°C intermittent heat.

It is available in original titanium and has an attractive black carbon fibre look. Prices start at £16.04 plus shipping and import tax.

EXO Series™ Exhaust & Pipe Wrap has been designed for use in extreme environments including powersports applications. The EXO Series features a dual-layer design using a combination of hi-temp glass fibre covered with a 304-grade stainless steel exoskeleton for superior heat, abrasion and impact protection. The EXO Series is offered in black and tan. Prices start at £35.86 plus shipping and import tax.

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