Joining the MEV line-up recently the newest option for the all-conquering Exocet kit is the RX version.

It uses the major componentry from the Mazda RX8, the one with the Felix Wankel-derived Renesis 13B rotary engine. As much maligned as the Rover K-Series engine the RX8 rotary is also a superb engine if treated right and looked after.

Two variants were available in period, either 191bhp or 231bhp and MEV has cleverly incorporated it into the Exocet model. The car’s chassis is mildly revised primarily around the rear subframe area.

Performance is described rather modestly by MEV Ltd as being ‘exciting’ and kit packages for the Exocet RX cost £6600 inc VAT which includes the body/chassis unit, plus bespoke tubular exhaust manifold, while you’ll also need to supply them with the carbon-fibre propshaft from your donor and get a shortened one back in return.

We’re looking forward to trying this one.

More information – and to book a test drive – from or via 01452 849 357 ENDS.