Tornado Sportscars boss Andrew Sheldon has been in touch to tell me that he now has 8 Stack 48 IDF carb setups in stock and they have ten sets available.

Options include with or without vacuum take-off for brake servos and braided or rubber fuel hoses. A cold air box /Turkey tray as fitted to original GT40s will also be available shortly.

They have now introduced a new cold air ‘turkey’ pan to complement their 48 IDF carburettor and inlet manifold kits.

 The pan forms a heatshield to prevent the heat of the engine from causing fuel evaporation in the fuel lines and float bowls leading to erratic running.

The sides and ends of the pan are removable to allow easy access to the carbs for jetting and tuning.

They are manufactured in aluminium by CNC-machine thus ensuring a perfect fit. An IDA version will also be available in the near future.

For more information visit or 01562 820 372 ENDS.