GAZ Shocks is pleased to announce a new range of fully adjustable coil-over suspension kits. The new GAZ Gaz Charged is based on its highly successful GHA and GOLD ranges but upgraded with the benefits of nitrogen gas and ‘helper’ springs above the main suspension springs.

These upgrades will give an improved and smoother ride over conventional dampers.
The nitrogen also minimises the aeration of the hydraulic fluid/oil under normal use by compressing the air bubbles inside the damper.

Of course, all the current features of the GHA and GOLD ranges are included in the GAZ Charged range:

The damper rate is adjustable and can be adjusted while on the vehicle by means of easily accessible knobs.

Ride height is adjustable through 60mm of adjustment and the units are individually tested before leaving the factory and covered by a two-year warranty.

Kits will consist of front and rear dampers, springs and helper springs. On some applications, adjustable spring seats will be used at the rear (as shown) and in certain cases, the customer will need to supply donor front struts for GAZ to refurbish and machine the lower cast stub axle to incorporate it into the new front struts.

Prices across the range will be the current GHA or GOLD kit price plus £180 inc VAT. If purchased individually the cost on top per damper will be £45 inc VAT.

For further details and prices visit the GAZ website: ENDS.