Jem Developments (they became Jem Cars in 1970) was a division of Robin Statham’s Fellpoint Ltd as he was producing the Mini Jem at the time had taken over the project from Jeremy Delmar-Morgan.

The (over) ambitious Futura was the car that sent Fellpoint Ltd to the wall. They introduced the Mini Jem Mk2, developed it and launched it at the Racing Car Show of 1969. It was going well for the ex-Tornado Cars employee, and by the time he unveiled the space-age Futura at the Racing Car Show in January 1971, he’d sold 180 Mini Jem kits, which was going some.

Sadly, the Reliant dealer sank all of his resources into this highly futuristic two-seater.

The Futura was displayed at Olympia in mock-up form and it was originally going to be called the Grand Futura.

Prior to car manufacturing, Statham ran Robin Statham Accessories in Chapel Street, Berkhamstead and he sold general go-faster parts with a specialisation in GRP panels such as spoilers for Ford Capri, Mk3 Cortina, Escort, Mini, Avenger, Vauxhall Viva and VW Beetle. All were priced at just £7.50 and you could have any colour you liked as long as it was black or yellow.

When he got into car manufacturing, Statham relocated to The Penn Garage in Haslemere Road, Penn in Buckinghamshire.

Statham also raced a Mini Jem Lightweight in 1970 with his best results (third place) at Lydden Hill, Mallory Park and Silverstone. He was well-known for trailering the Mini Jem behind his Reliant Scimitar.

Based on the ubiquitous VW Beetle floorpan and running gear the Futura’s wedge-like appearance was very daring for 1971 as with entry/exit, which involved the complete windscreen flipping sideways to enable passengers to climb over the nose. It featured four headlights (that didn’t meet Construction & Use regulations) which were positioned behind the base of the windscreen. All brave stuff.

As mentioned, the riven Statham threw money at it until it ran out. Fellpoint went into liquidation in 1971 and Malcolm Fell who took over the Mini-Jem project – and developed an Mk3 version – bought the Futura from the liquidator but did precisely nothing with it having got a part-built car with the purchase.

He in turn sold the lot to a chap in London. Rob Statham died in 2015. The Mini-Jem Mk1 went to Taylorspeed (John Taylor) in South Australia.

Fellpoint Ltd 1971

Approx 3 made