The royal-warranted car care experts at Autoglym are constantly looking for ways to improve the quality and usability of the company’s car care treatments – from refining existing products to curating complete kits for specific purposes.

Leather Clean & Protect falls into the latter category, being a combination product that contains everything an enthusiast will need to clean and protect the leather surfaces of their car, all at a price that represents a significant saving over purchasing the products individually.

Autoglym Leather Clean & Protect – Complete Kit

  • Deep cleans and freshens automotive leather upholstery
  • Contents: 1x Leather Cleaner (500ml), 1x Leather Care Balm (500ml), 1x Hi-Tech

Aqua-Dry, 1x Perfect Polish Applicator

  • Developed with leading automotive brands to clean and protect without discolouring or affecting the natural matt finish
  • RRP: £34

Automotive leather is renowned for being comfortable and hard-wearing, yet as an organic, chemically sensitive material it must be cleaned and protected in order to remain healthy and supple. Treatment is recommended at least every six months, and by following the simple two-stage process with the dedicated products in this complete kit you are guaranteeing the best possible outcome for your leather upholstery.

The pH-neutral Leather Cleaner is applied sparingly using a microfibre cloth and wiped off a couple of minutes later with a damp cloth. The solution is free of silicones and other masking agents, so it will not leave an unpleasant feel to your leather or add an artificial shine to the natural matt finish. Once the surface is dry it is ready to absorb the Leather Care Balm, which contains a carefully blended pH-neutral emulsion of soaps, natural oils and surface-proofing agents to nourish and moisturize leather.

Autoglym Leather Clean & Protect – Complete Kit is priced at £34 and packaged in an attractive see-through presentation box. It complements the company’s highly regarded range of treatments for all vehicle interior surfaces. Please note that the products within this complete kit are not suitable for use on household leather or clothing.

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