Ring Automotive is urging drivers to check their headlights ahead of winter, to ensure they are both working properly as the days get darker, and to ensure the safety of everyone on the roads.

Winter is approaching and with the clocks going back on 30th October, motorists will be driving in the dark more often. This provides challenges as visibility becomes limited, especially with bad weather conditions and driving on roads with no streetlamps.

A faulty bulb is one of the main failures in an MOT test – one in five vehicles is diagnosed with an issue with the lights. And this is something that can be checked easily at any garage.

Driving with only one headlight could also mean drivers are pulled over by the police – and potentially fined. Avoid any trouble this winter and check your headlights are working properly – and if not, head to the local garage to have them both replaced.

Terri Clark, Lighting Manager at Ring Automotive commented: “Broken bulbs can cause hazards as vehicles with only one headlight working could be mistaken for a motorbike and be given less room on the road, or generally not being seen in time.

“We are encouraging drivers to check both of their headlights are in good working order before heading out on the roads this winter. And if not, get them replaced with good quality upgrades.”

Ring’s award-winning Xenon 200 upgrade bulb range produces up to 200 per cent more light on the road ahead than the legal minimum required. They also have a longer beam, which allows drivers to see potential hazards and other road users at the earliest opportunity.

The Xenon 200 provides a colour temperature that is up to 3700K, giving a whiter look in the headlamp and onward reflections, providing optimum visibility in all conditions. They are available in both H4 and H7 ECE bulb types and have an RRP/SRP from £36.99 for the H4 and from £42.99 for the H7 twin retail pack.

For more information on Ring’s bulb range, visit https://www.ringautomotive.com ENDS.