Soundproofing and thermal acoustic liners are very useful products for kit and specialist car use and there are some very good ones out there.

Heat soak can be a real issue as can rumbles and creaks within the cockpit and the problems can be exacerbated the faster you go and the revs rise.

The latest product range to arrive on my radar comes from Oxfordshire-based Dodo Mat. They offer a range of products but I think the ones that are of prime interest to readers are ‘Deadn Pro’ panels and the heat-reducing Super Liner.

A pack of forty self-adhesive Deadn Pro panels (from £89.99) with a 5m roll of Super Liner (£69.99) should be more than enough to sort out the interior of say, an Ultima or Cobra replica, for example.

The products are easy to cut to shape and if you use a warm air gun you can easily mould it to enable fitment to even the most awkward space.

More information is available from ENDS.