These two products were new to me until recently having been recommended to me by a couple of readers.

One picked up on my comments about the filthy Alcantara steering wheel in the Caterham Seven 420R in the last issue and reckoned this product was a surefire way of bringing it back to health.

While he also praised the Nano Fabric Protector, too and he wondered whether it would help keep Alcantara-type products from getting dirty in the first place. Good shout.

My VW Golf came with seats with Alcantara centre panels and although nice and comfy I know that these suede-style fabrics can go shiny if not looked after.

If you soak them too much the pile flattens and you lose the suede effect. I had the chance to try the cleaner out recently when a bag of garden waste I took to the tip decided to leak over one of the rear seats. My fault I should have folded the seats down, but it looked OK until I found bag juice all over my hitherto spotless seat. D’oh!

I sprayed the fresh-smelling clear Race Glaze Alcantara Cleaner (£11.99) onto the fabric and worked it in gently. It got rid of the dirt and left the seat as good as new after a quick workout with a soft brush. According to the label, Alcantara can harbour germs and bacteria due to the long pile so this stuff gets rid of them too.

Meanwhile, the Nano Fabric Protector (£9.99) is particularly good for Alcantara, giving it a waterproof effect while not letting dirt stick to it. I venture that it would also be good for keeping an Alcantara steering wheel protected too, although you can use it on all soft fabrics.

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