With autumn just around the corner and to coincide with Tyre Safety Month in October, Ring Automotive is encouraging motorists to check their tyre pressure to ensure vehicles are in the safest condition and are more fuel efficient and reduce emissions.

Research by TyreSafe reveals 57 per cent of tyres on UK roads are under-inflated, add to this extra weight and travelling longer distances, and tyres will ultimately fail, says Ring Automotive. With the rise in living costs, Ring is urging drivers to check their tyre pressure to save them money.

Simple checks can be made to ensure tyres are safe to drive on. Legally, they must be at least 1.6mm, but with colder and wetter weather on the way, this should be as close to 3mm as possible. They should also be clear of any bulging and cuts, as this can affect how safe they are.

Henry Bisson, marketing director at Ring Automotive commented: “It’s important to keep your tyres inflated to the correct pressures, mainly for safety, but also for saving fuel – rolling resistance of tyres account for as much as 15 per cent of a car’s fuel consumption, and under-inflated tyres can mean this resistance is increased as more rubber makes contact with the road.”

Looking after your tyres is quick and easy with Ring’s range of tyre inflators. The RTC450 is an easy-to-use digital tyre inflator featuring a multi-functional inflator which can inflate a 13in tyre from completely flat in just three and a half minutes.

Bisson added: “Accurate inflation is simple with the RTC450 digital tyre inflator. Users can toggle between pressure settings of PSI, BAR or KPa, then using the plus and minus buttons select the desired pressure, and then press large on/off button. Plus, the inflator will automatically stop at the set pressure.”

The RTC450 also features a wind-up three-metre-long power cable, dedicated storage space for adaptors and hoses, a bright LED light so that it can be used in darker conditions during winter and a three-piece adaptor kit for bikes and small inflatables.

Ring’s RTC450 is available at Amazon and is priced at £29.99 ENDS.