A low-volume manufacturer that flies under the radar a little these days is Zenos Cars, originally set up by former Lotus and Caterham Cars man, Ansar Ali and Mark Edwards.

Although the original company went into administration in 2016 you can still buy an E10. An intriguing car (now part of AC Cars) a bargain price for sure but featuring some very clever touches. Underpinning the whole ensemble is an extruded aluminium ‘spine’ (said to be the largest structure of its type ever used on a car) to which subframes and centre tub are fixed.

The tub is very clever in using carbon fibre, but rather than ‘virgin’ material it is made from offcuts from other manufacturing processes. This gives the benefits and strength of carbon but is said to be 70 per cent cheaper.

The E10 originally used the Ford 2-litre GDI engine but the car is now powered by a Ford EcoBoost 2-litre delivering 200bhp, with the E10S producing 250bhp. Top of the range is the E10R, which has the EcoBoost 2.3-litre installed – as per the current Ford Mustang – which produces a healthy 350bhp.

Prices start at £26,995 for the standard car, ££32,995 for the ‘S’ and £39,995 for the ‘R’. A tempting array of options are available from basic stuff to more sophisticated track suspension and set-up sessions.

A Track Pack costs £4695 and includes adjustable suspension, a quick-release steering wheel, four-point harnesses, composite seats and a heated driver’s seat. There’s also a Weather Pack at £2295 which features a heated windscreen, wipers and weather gear.  Both packs can be combined for £6990.

I’ve driven several E10s both on track and on the road and it’s a car I like that handles and performs well, not to mention taking into account the bargain price.

For more information contact www.zenoscars.com ENDS.