A brand that I am a big fan of is Sansom Car Care and although only established in 2019 just before a global disaster they have made great strides and won lots of friends with the quality of their products.

Cabin Care interior cleaner costs £9.95 for 750ml

Not only do their potions and elixirs have great packaging, bright colours and heady scents but most important of all they work beautifully. Several of their range feature in my ‘go-to’ list of products.

Accelerate wheel cleaner costs £7.95 for 750ml

A wide range of products covers all categories of car care including exterior, interior, wheels and tyres, glass and an array of accessories including cloths, brushes and buckets.

Speedy general purpose glass cleaner costs £7.95 for 750ml

The seventeen-strong exterior range includes snow foams, shampoos and spray-off gloss protection.  There are five products within the wheels and tyres line up and two great glass products – Speedy and Clarity (both are brilliant, by the way) – while the interior range covers fabric, leather and hard surface cleaners, conditioners and protectors.

Even better is that prices are very competitive and big value larger sizes are also available.

Snowstorm snow foam costs £9.95 for 1-litre

Highly recommended the Sansom range is available via appointed dealers and direct via ENDS.