Pete Larsen of Seattle-based Liberty Motors has been producing cool three-wheelers for many years. Indeed, his Ace directly inspired the Morgan M3W and has now created the Ace F-6, which is powered by a Honda 1.8-litre engine but not from a Civic Type R but rather a Goldwing motorcycle meaning it is a flat-six unit, so must sound glorious.

Larsen worked closely with designer Pascal Golay of Rhino 3D and the shape is striking to these eyes.

The Goldwing is now up to its sixth version, but Larsen uses the fifth-generation engine and five-speed sequential gearbox. A Haltech ECU keeps things in check, while suspension is via a single-sided trailing arm.

The F-6 has a large footprint with a 95in wheelbase and a 64in track weighing in at 476kg.

A large tubular steel subframe wraps around the engine, while Brembo brakes bring things to a halt.

Journalists in the USA who have driven the F-6 describe it as having superb ride quality, while performance is great with 135bhp on tap.

Larsen regularly sends cars to Europe, so can supply UK customers and he is happy to deal direct. Be aware though that the F-6 is only available in left-hand drive, although a reverse gear is being developed.

A price for the UK is hard to pinpoint what with currency fluctuations and import duty but a starting figure of about £54,000.

More information is available via ENDS.