Martin Langley, the man behind the electric Sparky iZett (Isetta 300 replica) project has been in touch with an update on how the little car is progressing.

* Awarded start-up funding in May

* Completed rolling chassis and video in June

* Acquired GRP replica bodyshell in July

* Promotional video of the completed prototype

* Proposed exhibit of the completed prototype at London Fashion Week September

* Proposed exhibit of the completed prototype at London EV show in November

The customer has a choice of products depending on their level of expertise. The Big Tomali comprises a replica of a BMW Isetta 300 three-wheeler with electric drive. Fabricated in steel and GRP from £12,000.

Sparky Automotive can offer a fully built and tested unit off-the-shelf which they guarantee is road-legal. The car benefits from steel and plastic construction which in combination with the absence of a petrol engine and transmission results in a car light enough to be driven by a hub electric motor. Similarly, the overall weight savings are such that the car can get a respectable range from a minimum weight of batteries.
Alternatively, anyone with a well-equipped garage could purchase a kit and assemble it over a weekend. This has the twin advantages of reducing the cost – £4000 for a basic rolling chassis kit.

Finally, they can supply a (near) completed car in kit form. This comprises the above rolling chassis plus a glassfibre bodyshell and door for £7000. The customer will have to add windows, door fixings, painting and other items for a complete and roadworthy vehicle.

For further information contact Sparky Automotive on 0208 560 1970 or visit ENDS.