One primarily for our friends in North America but equally has transatlantic appeal!

Keep your hose and tubing nice and secure with Granatelli Motor Sports aluminium clamps. They seal more efficiently than worm gear clamps and look a heck of a lot better.

These compression-style hose clamps provide five times the clamping force of a traditional worm gear clamp and apply that force evenly around the circumference of the hose without deforming. A hex bolt secures the clamp to the hose with little chance of popping off. These features make the clamps a great choice for silicone tubes and couplers used for custom cold air intake and cooling systems.

Granatelli Billet Aluminium Hose Clamps are available in 83 precise size ranges so finding the right size is simple. They’re available in a choice of polished or black, red, blue and gold anodised finishes.

Rated to withstand 800 PSI and temperatures up to 400 degrees F, Granatelli Motor Sports HD Clamshell Clamps are ideal for turbo and supercharger intake tubing.

The billet aluminium clamps feature two weld-in ferrules with an O-ring seal, a union sleeve, and a clamp assembly with a ball-and-pin quick-release lock. The clamps also have a flexible 12-degree bend connection that resists flexing movements and vibration.

These Clamshell Clamps are available for 3, 3.5, and 4in diameter tubing.

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