Repairing a windscreen washer system can be problematic at times; you may need to replace degraded, kinked or rodent-nibbled washer hose, or even stuck one-way valves and leaking connectors. This windscreen washer pipe repair kit from Connect Workshop Consumables (part number 36757), has been brought together as a one-stop box, offering the most common components found in the windscreen, headlamp and rear-window washer systems, allowing the technician or owner to quickly get the system working again. Also ideal for one-off, historic and kit-car windscreen-washer system manufacture. The kit even includes a pipe-cutting tool to ensure straight, clean cuts every time.

Included are 3/16in (4.7mm) 90° elbow joints (x5), straight joints (x5), T-piece connectors (x5), one-way valves (x2) and four metres of clear PVC tube. No clips are required; the clear, quality PVC hose is sized to fit securely to the kit connectors, especially helpful where space is at a premium. Additionally, all the components are available separately, to replace them as they are used.

No workshop should be without this useful kit. The full Connect range is available from The Tool Connection’s distributors and stockists. For further details or to order a new Connect catalogue, contact 01926 815888 or and