The royal-warranted car cleaning experts at Autoglym have released Air-Con Sanitiser, a deadly new weapon against micro-organisms lurking in the inaccessible areas of your vehicle’s air conditioning system.

With Summer finally here, many are reaching for that button for the first time in months!

However, a side effect of this inactivity is that moisture can collect within the depths of the system and if the system is not used for a while that moisture provides a welcoming environment for micro-organisms. Although unseen, this build-up of bacteria can produce an unpleasant musty smell when the system is reactivated and called upon to condition the interior climate once again.

Since it is not possible to physically clean such hard-to-reach areas, Autoglym Air-Con Sanitiser is an aerosol product that is designed to fill every nook of the air conditioning system with a highly effective sanitising spray.

The solution conforms to strict EN 1276 bactericidal standards and EN 14476 virucidal standards. This means it will kill 99.999 per cent of harmful micro-organisms, including enveloped viruses such as coronavirus, influenza, severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) and swine flu (H1N1), leaving nothing but a clean and fresh citrus scent in the process.

The treatment process is extremely simple. The smart packaging doubles as a specially angled mount for the canister, which is then positioned in one of the front footwells so that the sanitising spray can be drawn efficiently into the air conditioning system.

Once activated, the Air-Con Sanitiser can be left to work its magic inside a closed vehicle and requires little more than 20 minutes to deep-clean and refresh the entire network of pipes.

Autoglym Air-Con Sanitiser is priced at £17.99.

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