Ring Automotive has expanded its range of inspection lamps with the launch of the hands-free RIL0265 Detachable Neck Light and RIL0115 Flexible Head Torch, offering complete versatility when shining a light in any environment.

The Detachable Neck Light offers up to a 265-lumen output for up to three hours of operation, or 135 lumens for six hours of continuous use.

The Flexible Head Torch offers a high output of 115 lumens for four and a half hours use or 50 lumens for five and a half hours’ use.

Both products recharge via USB fully in just 90 minutes.

Henry Bisson, marketing director at Ring, said: “The new wearable inspection lights are a versatile alternative to a handheld torch, and are a completely new take on traditional head torches. There is no cumbersome battery pack or protruding light source to get in the way of a mechanic being able to do their job.

“In low-light settings, it’s invaluable to have a portable, battery-powered but bright light to improve visibility. Inspection lighting isn’t just important for commercial use either; for car-savvy users, it can save time, effort and money to do basic inspections and repairs at home.”

The RIL0265 features two separate magnetic torches that can be kept mounted to their bases and worn around the user’s neck or detached and held to provide clear sight into areas with poor visibility.

The multi-angled RIL0265 inspection lamp’s robust design is tested to IK07 impact ratings and is weatherproof to IP65 standards.

The RIL0115 head torch is comfortable, flexible and adjustable, with fewer pressure points than alternative head torches. The head torch features both a wide front angle and rear LED lights, with red rear illumination providing heightened safety for highway applications.

Find out more information on the RIL0265 Detachable Neck Light here and the RIL0115 Flexible Head Torch here.

The RIL0265 Detachable Neck Light has an SRP of £24.99, and the RIL0115 Flexible Head Torch has an SRP of £19.99.