Here’s one for Mini-based kitcar owners.

Classic Minis usually have a ‘U’-shaped section formed in the brake servo hose to stop petrol feeding back and contaminating the servo and causing damage.

This section was not supplied in any replacement kit so may well be missing.

Mini Spares offers two alternative non-return valves to remedy the problem:

An original Mini Mk1/2 screw-in in-line brake servo valve which screws into the threaded hole in the 21A1293 servo. Part number 17H2646ORIGINAL (which hasn’t been available separately until now) £14.40 inc VAT.


A genuine AP Product in-line brake servo valve that can be fitted to either end of the servo hose. This valve is suitable for the later AP Servo used on the 1275GT and Cooper S Mk3. Part Number 17H2646. £18.60 inc VAT.

For more details call 01707 607 700 or visit ENDS.