With summer on its way, now is a great time to stock up on fans and air conditioning to keep you cool in the warmer weather.

Thankfully, at Machine Mart, we stock a wide range of products, designed for both domestic and industrial usage.

Home and Office Electric Fans

For domestic and commercial locations where effective ventilation is needed, Machine Mart sells several Clarke electric fans. With prices starting from £52.79 inc VAT, this range includes floor-standing fans, a box fan, a pedestal fan and a wall fan to suit whatever space you may have.

All models are 230V, have durable construction and come with three-speed settings to help you adapt to differing temperatures.

Industrial Drum Fans

Clarke’s drum fans are great for powerful cooling in commercial and industrial locations such as large warehouses, factories, shops and workshops etc.

Both 230V and 110V models are available with fan diameters on these particular models ranging from 609mm up to 920mm.

These models have robust and durable construction, featuring three balanced high efficient aluminium blades. The design also features two handles and two wheels to help make manoeuvrability as easy as possible.

The cheapest model in this range starts at £190.80 inc VAT.

Air Conditioners

Machine Mart sells three fantastic multi-functional Clarke units, capable of performing as air conditioners, dehumidifiers and also multi-speed fans, removing the need for separate devices.

The units vary in cooling capacity with 7000 BTU/h, 9000 BTU/h and 12000 BTU/h models on offer in the range, with all three providing quick, effective and efficient cooling and drying inside the house or office environments.

These portable machines have a simple, compact design with wheels for portability, and can be easily controlled by a simple touchpad or via a remote control. Prices begin at £310.80 inc VAT.

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