A Hazard Warning Light function is a discreet but important safety upgrade for all classic and kit vehicles.

Should you need to pull over, it is vital to let other road users know your situation – particularly on what are laughingly called ‘Smart’ Motorways. Many kitcars are much smaller than modern vehicles so visibility is essential, especially in a breakdown or emergency situation.

The Mini Spares Hazard Light Module Set is an ultra-reliable, universal hazard light module that is supplied ready to fit and is suitable for all vehicles … not just Minis.

It is simple to install with no requirement to replace your existing indicators. The illuminated classic style dashboard switch works with both traditional and LED bulbs and the kit is suitable for positive and negative earth vehicles. Full instructions and connectors are included.

The module will even work on cars that use the brake lights as rear indicators. These cars more than likely have a Lucas DB10 relay. In this case, simply use the specially designed additional leads when installing the Hazard Light Module and follow the relevant instructions.

The Mini Spares Hazard Light Module Set can be ordered as part number MSSK2009 at £49.97 inc VAT.

For more details call 01707 607 700 or visit www.minispares.com ENDS.