Ring Automotive has launched the RPPL260 and RPPL360 jump starter products, enabling super-quick charging of vehicle batteries and power delivery-enabled devices.

Both the RPPL260, with its 200-amp output, and RPPL360, with a 300-amp output, feature PD30W, a 30W power delivery method allowing devices to take on large amounts of power in a shorter timeframe.

Henry Bisson, marketing director at Ring, said: “The RPPL260 and RPPL360 offer a versatile solution to get drivers moving again following a flat battery. The powerful, safe and compact units are ideal for all vehicles, from medium cars to vans, providing rapid recharging using PD30W power delivery.

“Both products are equipped with a USB-C power bank function with PD30W compatible with most modern devices, meaning phones can be quickly recharged, offering total peace of mind.”

The new additions to Ring’s jump starter range feature a compact casing, meaning the unit can be stored easily in the vehicle glovebox. The RPPL260 for small vehicles features a 9,000mAH battery capacity, with the RPPL360, suitable for larger vehicles including SUVs and vans, featuring a battery capacity of 13,000mAh.

The new jump starter products from Ring provide reassurance to drivers that they can quickly restart their vehicles in the event of a dead battery, without the need for another vehicle and booster cables.

The RPPL260’s lithium cobalt starter is capable of starting 12V vehicles with petrol engines of up to four litres, and diesel engines of up to two litres, in under 60 seconds.

The RPPL360 unit offers rapid recharging to 12V vehicles with petrol engines of up to six litres and diesel engines of up to three litres.

Ring’s Safe Connect system protects the user, vehicle and jump starter when in use. The intelligent clamps safely manage power between the jump starter and vehicle and feature reverse polarity, short circuit and anti-spike protection

RRP for the RPPL260 is £84.99, and the RRP for the RPPL360 is £99.99.

More information from www.ringautomotive.com ENDS.