One of the stars of the recent Stoneleigh show was the new Sonic7 demonstrator from the new Equilibrium Kit Cars, now run by engineer Michael Farrow.

Michael took over from Angus Weijers who’d done an extremely good job with the Stuart Mills-designed project and sold a good number of the very underrated kit. The pressures of his day job meant that he had to move the project on.

Engineer Michael had been a fan of the car and took over in 2020 spending the intervening period preparing his first demonstrator. It was a bit of a winning team so hasn’t needed to make wholesale changes but he’s produced new rear wing moulds and added returned edges to the front wings.

With kits priced at around £5500, Michael reckons you could build a Sonic7 for under £10,000 although his new demo car is basically built using every possible option and top-notch items including a full carbon-fibre bonnet and he estimates that to reproduce it you’d need to allow around £25,000.

The chassis kit includes the spaceframe itself prepared to accept the Mk1 Ford Focus engine from the donor, wishbones. Uprights, fastener pack, steering rack, aluminium fuel tank and aluminium coolant pipes.

GRP package includes aluminium floor and side panels and a nine-piece panel set.
As an exercise, it shows just what is possible with the Sonic7. The GRP panels are supplied in white gelcoat as standard although if you want to end up with a finish like the demo car’s allow an extra £2500 for the trick metallic graphite finish, which works incredibly well.

We’ll be featuring the car as soon as it’s ready although in the meantime visit to find out more ENDS.