The Scratchshield is a handy product when cleaning your car. It sits in the bottom of your bucket and stops crud and debris from being picked up with your sponge when washing your car. Some twenty years after it was first announced a new version has just been unveiled.

Little magnet does all the work

It’s called the ‘Grit Magnet’ and has been launched by Wizzard Products due to the considerable amount of tiny dirt and fall-out on your vehicle’s bodywork that contains ferritic particles. With Grit Magnet, a small magnet is inserted into one of the Scratchshield’s legs.

In tests carried out by the manufacturer, it has picked up an average of 20 per cent of the ferritic material circulating in your bucket during washing.

The item can be bought as a separate ‘legs only’ item for existing Scratchshield owners or as a complete set including a bucket. The product is still made in the UK and is fully covered by the Scratchshield Patent.

The bucket lid which can double as a comfy seat for cleaning low down or tricky to reach areas costs £8.49, the bucket costs £8.99 and the new Grit Magnet Scratchshield costs £11.99.

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