Those top blokes and makers of competition and fast road dampers, Protech, have supplied a bespoke engineered shock absorber for an episode of BBC’s ‘The Speedshop’.

Approached by the presenter of the show, Titch Cormack, Protech was challenged to create a specialist shock for a sidecar that would be comfortable and safe for Titch’s close friend Toby Gutteridge, former member of the UK Special Forces (S.B.S), left paralysed from the neck down following a term in Afghanistan.

Toby had a burning desire to experience his pre-injury passion for riding motorbikes, so Titch and Toby developed a plan to create a specially adapted sidecar.

Needing a mechanical ventilator to breathe, Toby’s sidecar had to house his life-preserving ventilator system and hold him securely. The project required the highest specification with no margin for error.

Tim Manning, director at Protech, said: “We were really excited when we were contacted by the Speedshop team, it was such a great challenge to be a part of. This piece of engineering had to be beyond exact and so we created a 10in open shock absorber with a rubber bush top and bottom. We also fitted a 1.9in id spring and created a bleed to the valving so the damping would be softer.”

Titch Cormack instructed that the ride had to be comfortable for Toby, especially when riding over potholes.

Tim continued: “To see the final results of their work on the show was exciting for us all. Watching Toby safely back on the road and enjoying the thrill that he used to experience was a great reward for everyone involved.

“We regularly produce bespoke engineered shocks for specialist commissions, but few are as endearing as this one. To be known as the brand to be trusted with the high specification that was needed is great endorsement indeed.”

‘Sidecar’ is the first episode of the second series of The Speedshop and can be viewed on BBC iPlayer now. More on all things Protech via ENDS.