Burton Power is now offering Burton PowerLeads for the Ford Cosworth BD Series 16v engines.

Burton PowerLeads are manufactured using a premium 8mm ignition cable which is ideal for all applications, including high-performance use.

The ferromagnetic core benefits from a Kevlar and fibreglass base. A ferromagnetic compound is extruded onto the core which is tightly wound with a stainless steel resistance wire that has been bound with a conductive lacquer. This design ensures maximum spark quality with virtually zero voltage loss while suppressing 99.9% of all electromagnetic interference. The cable has a resistance of 5.6Kohm/metre (nom) and a temperature rating from -40 to +220°C.

Burton PowerLeads Set for the Ford Cosworth BD Series 16v engines is supplied in blue, as shown, or classic black and can be ordered as part number BPL08BK at £64.99 inc. VAT.

Ford Escort Mk1 RS1600 1970-1974
Ford Escort Mk2 RS1800 1975-1977
BDA 1.6 road engine
BDB/BDC 1.7 rally/race engine
BDD 1.6 race Atlantic engine
BDE 1.8 race engine
BDG 2.0 race engine
BDH 1.3 race engine
BDJ 1.1 race engine
BDP 2.0 race engine
Caterham Super Seven BDR 1.6/1.7 engine
BDT 1.8 RS200 engine
BDX 2.0+ race engine

Note: Only suits engines using later type Lucas 43/45D4 distributor, NOT 23/25D4 type.

More information is available from 0208 554 228 or via www.burtonpower.com ENDS.