Most people know that we can transform the usually dim and dangerous dash lighting on our

beloved kit and classic cars by upgrading to LED bulbs, but it has been a source of irritation that standard dimmer switches will then be rendered useless. They are either ‘on’ or ‘off’.

Better Car Lighting has changed all that. For more than a decade, electronic development companies around the world have been trying to produce LED dash lighting bulbs that will dim with the original rheostat. Until now, none have succeeded, but now Better Car Lighting has produced new LED replacements for the original Lucas 987 bulbs which are very bright and will dim beautifully using the standard dimmer switch

This kit will upgrade the warning lights too and will also provide a solution to the problem that the charging system will stop working if you upgrade the ignition warning light to LED.

In the kit, there is a quick-fitting resistor lead and with that fitted your charging system will work correctly regardless of what type of bulb is fitted.

These new fully dimmable LED bulbs for the instruments are available in warm white, ivory white, daylight white, ice blue, sapphire blue and green. The cost of this comprehensive kit is just £71.99 inc VAT (or £77.99 inc VAT (Pos).

When cars are equipped with a new wiring loom, they are at the mercy of the harness-maker and rarely end up with the same type of bulb holders. To cope with this, we have produced LED bulbs with the same tops, but all of the variants of bases that the harness makers use. These usually are 233 (9mm bayonet) or 501 (10mm wedge). We have them in both positive and negative earth.

Customers are advised to have a look before ordering, but we are happy to swap as necessary to get the job done. We do not yet have fully dimmable LED bulbs in these formats, but they will be available soon.

Find out more from Gil Keane at 0121 773 7000 or via ENDS.