A performance (big bore) air-cooled VW engine is a special thing, but to make sure all your horses make it from the flywheel through to the tyres, you’ll need a decent clutch to handle the transfer.

There are two forces required for your clutch to run smoothly. Friction is handled by the clutch plate that rotates on the gearbox input shaft. The second is pressure, which is handled by the pressure plate (operated by the release bearing on the clutch fork) which is bolted to the flywheel.

By fitting a performance pressure plate additional power and torque can be transferred more efficiently as the two plates are being pushed together with greater force.

The Kennedy Stage 1 pressure plate is a proven upgrade and is suitable for early and late 200mm clutch discs and is good for up to 130bhp should you have the hardware to provide it.

You can find them online at HeritagePartsCentre.com by searching for part number AC141010, and in exchange for £169.95, you’ll enjoy free UK delivery too. You can call them on 01273 444 000 ENDS.