The Grantura was produced by TVR from the late Fifties until it was replaced by the Griffith (basically a MkIII Grantura powered by a Ford 289 V8) in 1963.

Production numbers were never high so the numbers surviving are relatively low. However, that doesn’t stop GAZ from offering fully adjustable suspension dampers for the Granturas that are still around today.

The GAZ GHA suspension kit provides ride height adjustability from -25mm to -55mm.

The height adjusters have a coarse acme form thread for ease of adjustment and the damper units are zinc plated to ensure that they remain in good order even after considerable service.

Damper rates are also variable by means of an adjuster knob on the damper body.

All the units are individually tested before leaving the factory and are covered by a two-year warranty.

GAZ lists the following parts for the TVR Grantura (1958 to 1963)
Front dampers – GP6-2282 £111.52 each inc VAT.
Rear dampers – GP6-2283 £111.52 each inc VAT.Springs £36 each inc VAT.

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