Keeping your turbo or supercharger system’s air intake temperatures low is the key to reducing the impact of heat soak and detonation and consistent power output. Air-to-water intercoolers like the ones made by Mishimoto are the way to do that.

Water can absorb and dissipate heat more effectively than air, so a smaller air-to-water intercooler is just as effective as a much larger air-to-air system. Having fresh water cycling through the core means more consistent intake temperatures, too.

Since air-to-water intercoolers don’t have to be directly exposed to an air source, you can put one anywhere in the engine bay. That helps with packaging and is also crucial for maintaining the intercooler’s efficiency.

Mishimoto’s universal air-to-water intercoolers are available in single- or dual-pass coolant configurations. They have robust bar-and-plate cores in three sizes optimized for engines making up to 500, 1000, or 1500bhp.

The intercooler end tanks are made from 5mm thick cast aluminium. That tank design ensures superb airflow to reduce overall pressure drop through the cooler. The tanks are TIG-welded to the core and are rated to handle up to 100PSI.

Other features include:
• CNC-machined ribbed inlet and outlet coupler connections
• -16 ORB coolant ports from the tanks into the core
• 1/8in thick steel mounting brackets
• Durable black wrinkle powdercoated finish

Mishimoto air-to-water intercoolers are available with same-side or opposite-side inlets and outlets.