Machine Mart stocks a huge range of heating equipment for a variety of applications, including gas-fired and paraffin fired space heaters for workshops, and electric heaters for use in the home or office. They have a range of workshop heaters suitable for all types of spaces.

If you need focused heat in areas where it is difficult to heat the entire space, then a halogen heater is the perfect option. Their oil-filled radiators retain the heat for a long time so are great for saving money.


The XR80 provides a heat output of up to 20.5kW with other models in the Clarke diesel/paraffin space heater range providing a maximum heat output of up to 61.5kW.

You can guarantee these heaters will keep you warm for a long time with fuel tanks as big as 53-litres for up to 13.5 hours of run time. Wheels and handles are also included on all models (except the XR60) for easy manoeuvrability.
There are no safety worries about leaving these heaters to warm up as the 230V power supply is fitted inside a stainless-steel combustion chamber with automatic flame failure cut out and a variable heat control thermostat to keep rooms at the perfect temperature.

Prices in this range start from £239.70 inc VAT.

The Little Devil II, provides a heat output of 10.3kW, with models in the range delivering a heat output up to a massive 117.2kW. Some models in this range also feature variable heat output control and all models are supplied with a regulator and gas hose.

Dual voltage (110V/230V) models are also available and all models are built within a corrosion-resistant stainless steel casing. With fuel safety cut out and a sturdy handle on top, these are perfect to heat all your cold spaces this winter!

Prices in this range start from £71.98 inc VAT.

These rugged electric fan heaters are the ideal heating solution for small to medium-sized premises such as workshops, garages and more. Stainless steel heating elements are housed inside a tough steel cabinet with a durable enamelled finish and feature insulated handles for safe handling.

They also feature an adjustable heat output with thermostatic control to achieve the desired room temperature without fail.

Models in this range are available with outputs of 230V or 400V, the high-end models in this range can deliver a heat output of up to 20kW with the best-selling DEVIL 6003 delivering a maximum heat output of 3.5kW.

The NEW DEVIL 2850, pictured, features a tough all-steel casing and convenient carry handle, but weighs just over 2.5kg, providing a two-stage heat output of 1. 4-2.8kW.

Prices in this range start from £41.99 inc VAT.

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