Users of dehumidifiers often worry about how their machine will be emptied when the water tank is full and there is no one around to empty it. This is particularly the case when used in a garage, basement or second home, which can be left vacant or unattended for long periods.

Leading British air treatment specialist Meaco has solved this problem with a unique pump accessory designed to work with its new 20L and 25L MeacoDry Arete® dehumidifiers.

The pump is a gamechanger for the user, requiring no expertise to set up and install, and removing the worry and bother of having to empty the water tank by hand. As the pump allows for continuous drainage, the dehumidifier will not stop working when the water tank is full. Just turn on the dehumidifier and it will work 24/7, with no more going out to a cold dark garage at night to empty the tank, or worrying about its emptying when on holiday, or when used in a caravan or second home.

It fits inside the Arete’s water tank, requiring no tools to fit, and will lift water away to a height of 2.5 meters using the supplied 3m drain hose, emptying the water into a sink, bath or even out of a window. It is powered by the dehumidifier’s own internal power supply, so no external power source is required. The advantage of an integral pump rather than using a hose to drain into a bucket is that it provides fail-safe protection if the pump fails.

Designed for ease of use, installing just requires the pump to be placed in the bottom of the tank, and the supplied hose pushed on. The hose and power cable are then guided out of the left-hand side of the tank, with the hose placed wherever you want the water to go.  Every time the tank is full the pump will turn on and will pump the water away.

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