Here’s one for our readers in North America, primarily.

A FuelTech PowerFit Engine Management System gives you complete tuning control over just about any internal combustion engine, carburetted or fuel injected. These are standalone systems that let you do real-time tuning without the need for a PC. You get tonnes of tuning options including

  • Sequential injection and ignition
    • Individual fuel and ignition trim
    • 2D and 3D fuel and ignition maps
    • Idle control
    • Progressive boost control
    • Active traction control
    • Progressive nitrous control and two-step rev limiter
    • Closed-loop oxygen sensor
    • Crank trigger input
    • Internal datalogger

The PowerFit engine management systems also have a touchscreen LCD display with a dashboard that can be customised to show up to four screens; a diagnostic panel display; total and trip odometers; engine start button indicator; and virtual LEDs for turn signals, headlights, and other functions.

Summit Racing carries three FuelTech PowerFit engine management systems:

The FuelTech FT450 can be used on piston engines with up to eight cylinders plus rotary engines with two rotors. It has nine input (seven configurable) and 10 output channels; up to ten injector and five ignition outputs; a CAN bus port; and a USB port to connect to a PC or laptop.

The FuelTech FT550 can handle piston engines up to 12 cylinders and rotary engines with up to four rotors. It has 16 input (14 configurable) and 24 output channels; up to 24 injector and 12 ignition outputs; two CAN bus ports; and a USB port. The FT550 also has electronic/drive-by-wire control, an integrated accelerometer, and a gyroscope sensor.

You also get FuelTech’s GearController software that reduces ignition time to control power delivery to the drive wheels and allows clutchless, full-throttle gear changes for manual transmission cars.

The FuelTech FT600 has the same features as the FT550 but has 22 input channels (20 configurable), 32 output channels, and up to 32 injector and 16 ignition outputs.

This comparison chart lets you compare all of the specifications and options available for the PowerFit ECUs.

Summit Racing also carries FuelTech wiring harnesses to connect a PowerFit ECU to any four-cylinder, six-cylinder, or V8 engine; fuel injectors and fuel injector driver modules; and ignition coil packs.