Know anyone who needs to leave the house by car first thing in the morning but who might be at risk due to drinking alcohol the night before?

Of course, we all like to think that everyone we know, including ourselves, are sensible and would never drink and drive especially when feeling hungover – but what if we didn’t have a hangover and didn’t know that we were doing just that without being aware of it?

At Christmas with alcohol consumption so much higher, everyone needs to make absolutely sure that they don’t risk their licence, their life or the lives of others in an accident.

Any alcohol remaining in your body the next morning can impair your judgement, reduce concentration and speed of reaction. Remember there is no rule of thumb as we all process alcohol on an individual basis.

So, give the gift of safety to a friend or relative this year – or even an early Christmas gift to yourself – with a pocket-sized personal breathalyser from AlcoSense.

The AlcoSense Lite 2. £44.99

The AlcoSense Lite 2 is the entry-level personal breathalyser in the AlcoSense range. Designed in the UK and easy to use, it fits into the palm of your hand and gives a clear alcohol reading in seconds.

For the technically-minded, it uses an intermediate level semi-conductor alcohol sensor – and has an adjustable drink-drive limit for any UK or Irish limit. Simply turn it on, wait for it to count down to zero and then blow until it beeps. Easy!

A few seconds later your alcohol reading will be shown on screen, along with an alert if you are close to or over the limit.

So, this year, have a happy not a ‘merry’ Christmas on the roads!

Stockists:  Halfords online and in-store, and Boots stores ENDS.