Great to hear that the Impreza-based Murtaya is about to make a return to the kitcar scene. After being away for several years it’s now under the control of Subaru expert and boss of Scoobybits, Jason MacDonald at his base in Cornwall.

The car was recently re-launched at the Watergate Sprint event in Newquay and Jason is very enthusiastic about the future. Scoobybits are already a one-stop destination for Impreza owners so it’s a logical step for the company to also encompass the Murtaya.

Jason told me: “Lots of people get very excited about building their own car but can get confused about the right donor to source, especially with something like an Impreza where there are a lot of variants.”

With the massive knowledge accrued by Jason and his team, they can help take the possible pain away and steer you in the right direction, while also making sure that you get the right parts for your Murtaya build.

When it comes to tuning an Impreza engine the sky is the limit in terms of potential horsepower gains, although once again Scoobybits can help especially with their onsite dyno. The company is also happy to restore, repair, upgrade existing Murtayas in need of some TLC.

Launched in 2006, the Murtaya set the scene alight for a few years until the demise of Adrenaline Motorsport. It has since been available on a couple of occasions along with periods away, but with the hugely talented Scoobybits behind it, the future will hopefully be bright for the car.

Jason is typically level-headed: “We know we won’t change the kitcar world, but we can offer something a little bit different to other than say, a Lotus Seven or Cobra replica. If we can sell a couple of Murtayas a year, while potentially saving and recycling Impreza mechanicals in the process, then we’ll be very happy.


Kit details and prices are yet to be set but you can keep up to date at the Scoobybits Facebook page (scoobybits.subaruspecialists) or via ENDS.