Welding, painting, and bodywork create sparks, fumes, overspray, and dust that can settle inside your workshop and pose a hazard to you and anyone else who happens to be around. You can protect everyone and everything with Steel Guard screens and curtains available now from Summit Racing.

Weld-Shield Welding Screens and Curtains

Weld-Shield Welding Screens and Curtains allow you to section off an area for welding, grinding, or plasma cutting and protect the rest of the shop from sparks, spatter, UV flash burn, and debris. They are manufactured from a double-polished polyvinyl chloride (PVC) material that meets flame retardancy and OSHA requirements.

They’re available in high-visibility yellow for low-to-medium amperage welding, orange for medium amperage welding, and transparent blue for medium-to-high amperage welding. The curtains are also available in dark green/shade 8 for plasma cutting and very high amperage welding.

The Welding Screens mount on the included standup frame made from durable 16-gauge galvanised steel tubing. The frame has hinged connectors so you can connect multiple screens to cover larger areas. The screens attach to the frame with included zip ties and are available in 6 x 4-, 6 x 6-, and 6 x 8ft sizes.

The Welding Curtains have 2in wide hems sewn with double lock-stitched, rot-resistant nylon thread, and have #2 grommets set every 12in on all sides. You can hang the curtains from overhead pipes or beams using common S-hooks.

Body Shop Curtains

Nobody likes body filler dust or paint overspray on themselves or their stuff. You can prevent that with Steel Guard Body Shop Curtains. They feature an 18oz PVC white upper and blue lower panels and a 20oz clear PVC middle vision panel. Other features include:

  • Heat-welded inner seams and outer hems sewn with double lock-stitched, rot-resistant nylon thread
  • Chain-weighted bottom to stabilise the curtain
  • 16-gauge top steel track with roller S-hooks for easy curtain sliding and folding
  • Toothed brass grommets spaced every 12in to hang the curtain on S-hooks
  • 2in wide Velcro side attachments on both sides of the curtain to seal or connect to other curtains
  • Universal end mounts to hang curtain by chain or threaded rod
  • Available in 8 x 6-, 8 x 12-, and 8 x 24ft lengths