Merlin Motorsport chock full of Laminova Heat Exchangers – these are an alternative and very effective way of cooling your engine oil. In basic terms, the Laminova is a billet aluminium housing that is connected to the oil lines and the coolant (water) lines.

The oil circulates around the outside of the housing and core while the water passes through the centre of the core. The oil temperature is usually greater than the water temperature, so the water draws the heat from the oil.

The Laminova has many advantages: they are more compact than using a conventional air-to-oil cooler meaning it can be tucked out of the way neatly.

They are stronger than an air-to-oil cooler, meaning they can withstand knocks and (some) accident impairment, unlike an air-to-oil cooler which would be obliterated.

Effective reduction in oil temperature without a noticeable increase in water temperature.

Water temperature may heat up more quickly from cold starts due to the heat exchange from the oil temp.

Water and oil fittings sizes are available for almost any pipework installation and they can be serviced and parts replaced, including the core in the event of an engine failure.

They are available in three different standard sizes to suit almost any application.

One thing you must make sure of is that your water radiator is a suitable size to allow for the, albeit small, increase in water temperature due to the fitment of the Laminova.