A new product from Retronics is sure to attract kit and specialist car enthusiasts.

This simple to install module replaces the original indicator flasher (or adds indicator function) to give accurate and consistent electronic control. The RIHM also provides/adds an equally reliable hazard light function.

Using our in house designed PCB technology and modern components, the RIHM provides controlled and constant indicator and hazard light functions, unaffected by changes in resistance.

From a much-loved classic to a new build kitcar, the RIHM is a discreet yet important safety upgrade.


This version directly replaces the Lucas style DB10 relay (or similar) in cars that use the brake lights as indicators, while also adding a hazard light function into the system.

Also, a must-have upgrade for American classics, providing a US-friendly stop light/rear indicator function within a modern Retronics Module!

Both modules come with a quality, retro-styled, illuminating hazard light pull switch, full instructions and assorted connectors.

The RIHM & the RIHM(B) are suitable for incandescent bulbs & LEDs. The RIHM is only £99.99 and the RIHM(B) is just £104.99.

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