Neville Swales’ Building The Legend operation goes from strength to strength. The classic Jaguar specialist first came to prominence with his glorious pastiche of the Jaguar XJ13, while this year saw him launch an equally superb E-type Reimagined. Be prepared to drool is all I’ll say …

Anyway, another product from Swales is the tera®, Building The Legend’s own, unique bespoke quadcam V12 engine.

It is based on the howling V12 unit that former Jaguar chief engineer, Claude Baily designed specifically for the XJ13 and as Neville Swales says: “… a ‘what might have been’ exercise, an engine born to race but with un-realised potential – until NOW.”

When the ill-fated XJ13 was shelved after crashing heavily during testing, the V12 was diluted into a less spiteful SOHC version that found its way into various Jaguar road cars including the XJ12 and XJ-S.

The tera V12 is the natural successor to Baily’s original and is normally aspirated (thus ensuring surely one of the greatest, howling twelve-cylinder soundtracks known to man) and is distributor-less and can be ordered with Lucas mechanical or full electronic injection with potential for a safe 8500rpm redline!

In case you were wondering

The 6.1-litre engine can be ordered in road specification or full-on race form with power from 350bhp to 650bhp although prices have yet to be set for the crate version, which surely lends itself to a variety of kitcars running a Jaguar V12 engine. The transplant potential is enormous.

The company also offers a ready to go complete cylinder package for the V12 or a bare version for which prices have been announced (£13,094 inc VAT).

Building The Legend also offers an IVA compliance service that helps replica builders legally get their cars through the IVA and they don’t have to be Jaguar flavoured either.


To find out more why not visit or call the company on 07916 445 253 ENDS.