Burton Power now has a 40A alternator kit for RWD applications in Escorts, Capris, Cortinas, and it is also suitable for Kent Crossflow and pre-Crossflow powered kit-cars (that’s code for saying ‘lots of cars’, then.

The kits use a compact Nippon Denso alternator weighing in at just 2.75kg. The compact alternator locates closer to the block by means of a custom-made laser-cut one-piece bracket that incorporates the tensioning arm. The kit also includes a drive belt, required fixings and a plug connector.

Order as part number ALTKITXF at £297.50 inc. VAT but please note – this kit does not fit the 109E block pre-Crossflow engines.

Available via www.burtonpower.com or by calling them at 0208 554 2281 ENDS.