Under the radar and unexpected new launch, this week (at Goodwood Festival of Speed) from Wells Motor Cars is the Vertige. Although not a kit (sadly), it is very specialist and extremely interesting.

It’s been developed in secret and has been designed to be simple to own and fun to drive. The instigator of the project is entrepreneur, Robin Wells, who has been working on the Vertige (French for vertigo, by the way) since 2014 when he was looking for a sportscar to buy.

Not satisfied with the choice on offer, he decided to create his own engaging the services of the very talented engineer/designer, Robin Hall, a man with a sound background in specialist sportscar having designed the FBS Census and also the single-seat Edge Devil. Hall has also worked on projects for mainstream manufacturers such as MG Rover, BMW and JLR.

Underpinning the Vertige is a monocoque tub centre structure with built-in roll-cage and fabricated subframes at either end. The suspension comes via all-around independent cast-aluminium double wishbones.

The 2-litre Ford Duratec engine delivers 208bhp (upgrades are available) and mounted amidships and the generous specification extends to a gearknob carved from African rosewood and seats trimmed in Bridge of Weir leather. Meanwhile, doors are of a dihedral-opening type.

The wheels are bespoke to the car and made by Speedline and are shod with Pirelli Pilot Sport 4 205 x 45 R17 tyres.

Lots of thought has gone into the Vertige from the comparatively huge bootspace that can cope with hauling a full-size spare wheel around, while the bootspace is very generous, too.

Styling-wise it’s pretty bespoke with definite hints of Bristol Fighter at the rear and Phoenix GTR at the front.

Given the high specification, you may be surprised to hear that prices start at just £45,0000.

More information from www.vertige.co.uk ENDS.