Drink-drive is back on the agenda as the weather hots up and social activity resumes, with BBQs in the back garden and visits to the pub.  June is traditionally the second biggest month for roadside breath tests.

Staycations will mean people driving more while on holiday in the UK this summer and sports venues are re-opening their gates for live events as well – so motorists are more likely to unintentionally drink-drive the morning after socialising, posing a risk to themselves and other road users.

Alcohol consumption also rose during lockdown. In a recent poll carried out by AlcoSense Breathalysers, 44 per cent of respondents in England, Scotland and Wales admitted they’ve been drinking increased amounts.

Almost a fifth of drink-drive convictions are ‘morning after’ and a third of all breath tests after an accident are conducted in the morning (between 7am and 1pm).

Even if you’re under the legal limit, alcohol slows your reaction time, inhibits judgement and reduces both concentration and coordination – increasing the likelihood of an accident.

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