With the use of cordless drills and powered screwdrivers, and with such a large selection of bits available, driving screws has never been easier. However, what if you can’t actually get a straight drive onto the screw?

There’s something in the way, or the screw is tucked up in a corner and access is difficult? Laser Tools to the rescue with this off-line bit holder (part number 6373) that is designed to be used with a cordless drill or powered screwdriver.

When locked in the straight position it works as a solid, fixed bit holder, but slide the collar back and the ball-joint is released, allowing the drive to be angled. Fitted with a quick-chuck end to fit the cordless drill, the ¼in hex socket will take any of your (50mm or longer) ¼in bits.

The spring-clip holds the bit securely. This bit holder is ideal for use with Laser’s power tool bit sets (50mm long: part number 2963; 75mm long: part number 2964), and the new Laser Tools cordless impact drill (part number 8011).

It drives with a very smooth action and will become your bit holder of choice. Available now from your Laser Tools stockist and is typically priced at £15.05 (includes VAT). Always remember to check for the best prices and special offers.

More details from www.lasertools.co.uk ENDS.